Defense Attorney Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison On Money Laundering Charges

'He’s a thug, he’s just got a law degree.'

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Former criminal defense attorney Rayshun Jackson was sentenced last week to five years in prison on conspiracy to launder money charges, after an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Jackson was introduced to an undercover agent by “Person A,” an alleged leader of a drug distribution ring, saying, “Ray is the bomb … He’s a thug, he’s just got a law degree.”

According to authorities, Jackson told the undercover agent he was able to “clean” the “dope money” using cash businesses such as laundries and car washes, as well as shell corporations. Jackson reportedly laundered ~$400,000 for the undercover agent for a 4 percent fee and a 1 percent cash bonus up front.

Jackson was arrested in April 2021 and, in September 2021, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money.

According to a statement by Eduardo A. Chávez, a special agent in charge of the Dallas office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration:

“The sentencing of Rayshun Jackson marks the end of a successful investigation by DEA Dallas. Criminal drug organizations need a combination of individuals who are willing to distribute drugs, as well as those who hide and attempt to legitimize profits. Mr. Jackson agreed to launder what he believed to be drug proceeds with DEA undercover.”


Jackson’s license to practice law was revoked by the Texas Supreme Court in November 2021.

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