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The Non-Event Industry Wrap-Up: Contract Management and Automation for Law Firms

News from the world of legal tech, featuring LinkSquares, Malbek, Conga, iManage, Spot Draft, and Gatekeeper.

Tech-perplexed lawyers: We’ve enjoyed (not) seeing you at the Legal Tech Non-Event.

Read on for a rundown of recent news from some of the companies that have joined us.

And as always, visit our Contract Management for Law Firms page for all of your tech-adoption needs.


LinkSquares is constantly growing, expanding, and building new features! 

LinkSquares, the company behind the AI-powered contract management platform of choice, recently launched LinkSquares API to automate the contract creation process and trigger contract drafting from a third-party system based on specific criteria, saving time and manual effort. LinkSquares API extends integration capabilities to virtually any platform, expanding beyond the current out-of-the-box integrations and removing the workflow’s legal bottleneck.

So, what else is new? LinkSquares attended Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute in Vegas in May 2022. CLOC Global Institute was a great success with insightful conversations and sessions. We will also be at several events throughout the remainder of the year. Check them out here.


Global Benchmark Study: Crossing the Contract AI Chasm

Malbek & World Commerce and Contracting‘s global benchmark study uncovers the barriers and benefits of AI-enabled contracting across organizations. The results are clear; though speed and efficiency seem to be driving enthusiasm around using technology in contract management, there are still significant obstacles and plenty of misunderstandings. Even with efficiency to be gained, there is still a knowledge gap surrounding what can be achieved by using AI technology to get more out of CLM. Download the full report to dive into the six key trends identified in the research:

  1. The obstacles that still exist to implementing CLM solutions that impact AI adoption
  2. The lack of understanding of what AI can achieve beyond efficiency
  3. The problem that post-signature contract management presents
  4. AI sentiment aligned by industry and seniority trends
  5. The common barriers organizations face in adopting AI
  6. The primary driver for using AI

 Click here to access the full report.


Conga CLM Delivers 294% ROI Over Three Years According to Recent Total Economic Impact Study

Conga, the global leader in scalable revenue lifecycle management solutions, today announced a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on Conga’s behalf, The Total Economic Impact of Conga CLM. The study examines the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Conga’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution. According to Forrester’s findings, organizations deploying Conga CLM achieved an estimated 294% return on investment (ROI) and $19.3 million in financial benefits over three years.

To help organizations estimate the Total Economic Impact that Conga CLM could have on their business, Conga commissioned a Conga ROI calculator from Forrester Consulting. This self-service, web-based tool allows organizations to input their contract data to immediately calculate the return on investment and ultimately showcase how Conga aims to provide immense value for current and future customers.

On-Demand Conga Webinar: Common Pitfalls When Trying to Adopt Contract Management Solutions

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  •       Why digital transformation is essential for contract management
  •       Common pitfalls industry experts have seen as they adopt new technology
  •       Solutions to these common pitfalls so that your team is better prepared

Watch Webinar Now


Microsoft joins iManage and Pivot Point Security for an ILTA expert panel discussion on the latest trends and key considerations for keeping a mobile workforce secure, productive, and collaborative. Access the on-demand session of When Life Gives You Lemons: Keeping your Workforce Protected in an Era of Uncertainty for a discussion on best practices for maximizing your firm’s security. For more information click here.

For the exciting announcement of the strategic partnership between iManage and Microsoft, click here.

Spot Draft:

Starting a new role as a GC can be daunting – especially because there can be far more unknowns than you’d initially anticipate, and there are few resources to help. 

We’ve been working with GCs and helping them streamline legal operations for quite a while now, and based on our discussions with GCs from various industries, we’ve come up with a guide on “What to Do in Your First 100 Days as a GC”

It talks about skills you need to develop when you transition into the GC role and also provides a detailed roadmap for steps to take within the first 100 days of your new role.

Head over to our blog post “What to Do in Your First 100 Days as a GC” to read more.


Gatekeeper, the leading CLM platform has officially launched its Zapier integration, helping customers connect their contract and vendor data seamlessly with over 4,000 apps.

This continues Gatekeeper’s strategic push to integrate with the key pieces of software that customers are using across their businesses. Along with Zapier, Gatekeeper integrates with a host of Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, Salesforce and live credit risk data, as well as being the only CLM to integrate natively with Oracle NetSuite via a SuiteApp.

Find out more about the future of contract management by visiting Gatekeeper today.