MyCase And LawPay — Better Together

Why small and midsize firms win big in a blockbuster merger.


Arman Samani, Chief Product Officer at MyCase.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a payment online and running into an issue with the payment processing software. 

Well, there is something worse — when you are a busy lawyer putting out client fires, and you face technical challenges in collecting your fees. 

Luckily, LawPay and MyCase have dramatically streamlined this process through MyCase’s recent merger with AffiniPay, LawPay’s parent. 

The tie-up ultimately simplifies collections — among numerous other benefits — for the combined client base of the two companies, which includes 65,000 law firms and over 200,000 legal professionals across the United States and Canada.

Arman Samani, Chief Product Officer at MyCase, says that MyCase previously had a payment system that “wanted to be LawPay when it grew up.” 

With LawPay’s extensive features already packaged on its platform, he adds, the merger made perfect sense. An additional benefit is LawPay’s integrations with numerous other products.

“Integrating LawPay into MyCase is really simple,” he says. “In a few minutes, law firms using MyCase can send professional and customizable invoices, track payments, protect their IOLTA account, and integrate with other legal software applications like Woodpecker, Docketwise, Juris, Kenect, and LawToolBox.”

With an easy set-up, he adds, the decision is a “no-brainer” for law firms. 

Here, Samani discusses the recent merger and what it means for the attorneys the company serves.

New Payment Options

LawPay is known for being easy to implement and use — for the lawyers and their clients — and is dedicated to innovation to help law firms get paid.

Now, MyCase users have access to the widest range of payment options available in the legal industry, including ClientCredit legal lending solution, QR codes, card scanners, and text-to-pay.

“Of course, LawPay accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments, but very few firms are currently offering the ClientCredit legal fee lending solution option or scheduled payments,” Samani notes. 

ClientCredit is one of the fastest-growing payment options on the market because it allows the lawyer to be paid upfront while the client enrolls in an automatic payment plan with a third party. 

Scheduled payments give attorneys increased flexibility when bringing on new clients. Lawyers can securely store card information in the system for automatic payments, and get notified if a payment is declined or a card will soon expire.

Lawyers can also run credit card payments on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone without clunky credit card equipment with the secure online payment solution, Samani notes.

MyCase users now have the ability to speed up payment time on printed invoices by including a QR code. Clients can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code printed on the invoice and make payment using their credit card or eCheck.

“The goal is to make it easier to get paid and have everything fully integrated into MyCase,” Samani says. 

Select Integrations

MyCase is known for its ease of use, and customer experience has been a priority. That’s one reason the company is focused on integration with numerous tech platforms. 

“MyCase is the platform that wants to grow and play with different partners so we can continue to be the best for our customers,” Samani notes. 

Integration with Docketwise, for example, allows law firms to sync contacts and matters to automate the preparation of immigration forms. It also enables them to combine forms into questionnaires for clients to complete, send questionnaires via email or text, and translate them into a number of languages. 

Additionally, the acquisition and integration of Woodpecker into the MyCase platform allows users to automate legal documents in Microsoft Word, reducing manual data entry. 

MyCase Accounting is a cloud-based, end-to-end law firm accounting solution to keep your finances on track so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Fully integrated with MyCase, the product eliminates the need to import or export financial data, allowing you to see your client’s trust transactions and reconciliation in one place while remaining compliant with state bar regulations with three-way trust reconciliation. 

Client files are also at your fingertips with the MyCase legal document management software

Files and documents are organized and accessible, and securely stored in the cloud-based document management system. 

File Sync ensures everyone can access the most recent version of all documents on mobile or desktop, and MyCase Drive takes your organization to the next level.

This feature provides fast and easy desktop access to law firm documents, allowing you to easily save or drag and drop files directly to a case folder and organize those case folders by client, practice area, or stage.

At the moment, our sweet spot is law firms with 20 or fewer users,” Samani says. “We’ve focused our partnerships and integrations on serving criminal defense, family law, immigration, insurance defense, bankruptcy, personal injury, civil litigation, real estate, government work, trusts and estates, and IP — any boutique firm focused on these practice areas, or general practitioners, would see a benefit from MyCase.” 

MyCase is also a strong fit for the rapidly growing ranks of startup firms, which can be hesitant to invest in practice management software. MyCase offers plans as low as $39 per month to help them run their operations.  

With MyCase at the hub of the business, upgrading is seamless as a startup firm grows.

“Ongoing updates, training sessions, award-winning support, and guided implementation are offered at no extra cost,” Samani says, “because MyCase is your business partner.”

More to Come

What started as a solid law firm case management software solution has now expanded into a robust law practice management platform that offers many integrations and features benefiting each practice area your firm handles. 

As it continues to better serve its clients, MyCase’s key decision-makers are constantly listening to customer needs. 

MyCase conducts surveys, qualitative customer interviews, and maintains a customer advisory board that meets monthly. 

“Our eyes and ears are open,” Samani says. “We are focused on working with small and midsize law firms and growing with them.” 

“We are focused on improving, delivering results, and innovating for our customers.” 

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