This Lawyer's Advocacy May Have 'Snatched Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat' In The Student Loan Forgiveness Cases

Student debtors are hoping that she was able to convince the justices of the plan's legality.

law school grad loan moneyThe Biden administration now seems more likely than not to win the cases. [Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar’s] preparation, poise and power were impressive. It was like the difference between a star quarterback and two tiddlywinks players.

— Higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz, commenting on Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar’s representation of the Biden administration in oral arguments before the Supreme Court earlier this week in the student loan forgiveness cases. Several law professors agreed, with the University of Illinois Chicago’s Steven Schwinn saying he thought Prelogar “knocked it out of the park” and “could have influenced or even changed the thinking of two justices, maybe more,” and Fordham’s Jed Shugerman saying he was “struck by SG Elizabeth Prelogar’s brilliant performance,” and that “[s]he may have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.”

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