Biglaw Firm Seeks Its Pound Of Bar Prep Flesh

It's all about optics.

greed greedy lawyer partner money profit profits per partnerWhen an associate left Jones Day before serving a full two years, the firm billed for pro-rated bar study expenses. Once again, just because an agreement allows a firm to do something, doesn’t mean it should. It’s just not a good look for a firm. Speaking of optics, we also talk about Justice Brett Kavanaugh partying with Matt Gaetz and Alex Acosta — and more importantly, parties with business before the Court this Term — all while Supreme Court legitimacy sinks like a stone. Speaking of legitimacy, the Fifth Circuit agrees that a judge committed an ethical breach in hearing a case, but decided to just sweep it under the rug. Also, by the time this posts, Twitter will have changed its policies five more times, but we discuss the legal ramifications, if any, of Twitter’s short-lived ban on mentioning “competitors.”